3 Bizarre Thai Cuisines you Don’t Want to Try

Image result for Bizarre Thai Cuisines you Don’t Want to TryYou will agree with me that Thai cuisine is one of the most popular and vast cuisines. Its influence is attributed to the diversity of the cultures that have settled in Thailand or made contact with the country.

Thai cuisine is both a spicy and sometimes not so spicy cuisine. But spices are something we are all used to but not some bizarre foods, you might find in a Thai restaurant. If you are the type that likes to taste everything, we dare you to try these three bizarre Thai cuisines.

Boiled egg fetus

Yes, the Thai will cook the egg and the fetus and eat it wholly including the head and all parts of the fetus.

If you are faint-hearted, beware of this – you might spoil your anticipated Thai dinner after spotting a Thai swallowing Khai Khao.


For many of us, frogs remain very disgusting animals that you wouldn’t think of touching, leave alone eating. But what if I told you they are a favorite in Thai cuisine?

Frogs are a sumptuous meal, and though I haven’t tried it, I don’t think it’s in any of my near plans to taste frog meat. But frog meat is not very new as the French also have a history of eating frogs.


Even though they are not the same that you find in the sewage, still the idea of eating a rat is bizarre. But well, the Local Thai hunt for these small rodents and roast them.

However, grilled rats remain a reserve for the rural Thais who grow rice. For this one, I would try and taste the meat, but for frogs, it remains a no.

Final words

Indeed, Thai cuisine has some bizarre recipes. I don’t know if I would let frog meat go down my throat, but you never know where this life takes you. Those were our three bizarre Thai cuisine recipes!