3 Health Benefits of Thai Cuisine

Image result for 3 Health Benefits of Thai CuisineTrying different cuisines is not only adventurous. Certain types, such as Thai cuisine, may have significant health benefits as well.

Today, we explore three essential reasons why you should be popping into a Thai restaurant near you to explore this excellent cuisine.

Thai cuisine is always balanced

The main courses offer a rich source of carbs for our daily energy use. There is also protein in the beans, peas, and meaty options served. Lastly, the vegetables and salads complete the equation of a balanced diet by providing the necessary vitamins. Thai cuisine adheres to all the principles of a balanced diet as opposed to the junk that can be find in fast foods. Thai restaurants are keen on a balanced diet. In fact, there’s a Thai outlet that closed down rather than diluting the menu with popular Western junk.

It explores medicinal herbs and spices

As you may be aware, Thais are known for their exploits in medicine courtesy of Traditional Thai Medicine, also known as TTM. Besides the rare fruits and vegetables, you will find a mixture of traditional herbs and spices with medicinal value in the cuisine. For example, galangal and t`urmeric, popular in Thai cuisine will help in digestion and also keep at bay bacterial infections, arthritis, among many other disorders.

Uses natural additives only

Thai cuisine has an alternative to the processed salts and sugars. Instead of the refined sugar, Thai cuisine uses natural palm sugar which has a lower Glycemic index. This is the same case for salt as Thais prefer fish sauce that just serves the same purpose as table salt. More importantly, fish sauce is a source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.


Thai cuisine is not only delicious, it’s also pointed towards healthy living by using an all-natural recipe. So, while regular fast foods expose us to lifestyle disorders, you can always trust a Thai restaurant if you want a healthy and balanced diet.