Appetite Shake-Up: Time to Change Foods on Slot Machines

There is no denying that one of the things that attract most of us to slot machines is the delicious-looking fruits that appear on their interfaces. They give you a feeling of a tasty experience as you start imagining the good thing you can do with the winnings which – in your head- are already on their way to your account.

Image result for AppetiteFair enough. It helps that even if you don’t win, you still endure a friendly gaming experience. Who wants to stare at a stone-faced dealer when the spinner has just stopped one short of your winning slot? Right, no one.

That said, it would be even better if slots could have different foods for a change. Yes, the fruits are delicious looking, but we have no idea what some of them are. Even those we know have been appearing on the slot machines’ faces for so long that they are no longer so enticing. We really could do with new, more relatable images.

It would be exciting to go to and find sports betting information that includes the different types of fruits available in different casinos. The Thai, for example, are known for their love for the Thai culture. Thai massages are widely acclaimed. A Thai man will probably dine at a Thai restaurant even after living in a foreign country for decades.

Such a person would definitely be more excited to play if he goes to a casino after dinner and finds that the images on the slot machines are of the same foods he was enjoying. Changing foods on the slot faces will have no effect whatsoever on how the machines operate. It creates the same edge for the house but makes players happier even when they are not winning.

Advancement should not only be technological – software and such- but also aesthetic.