Pad Thai, very sumptuous but unhealthy

You will agree with me that pad Thai is a very delicious Thai dish. It is also easy to prepare and ranks as one of the most famous Thai recipes in the world. Actually, no Thai cuisine conversation ends without mentioning pad Thai.

It is often assumed that Thai dishes are very healthy, but this is not always the case. If yImage result for Pad Thai, very sumptuous but unhealthyou are eating healthy, it is important to avoid some Thai foods, and pad Thai is the first thing you should scrape off your menu.

Yes, I agree it is easy to prepare and very delicious. However, it has very high calories per serving, and interestingly, many outlets including Thailand Express don’t put out the nutritional content of pad Thai. Well, the truth of the matter is that a serving of pad Thai has very little nutritional value. A regular Thai Express pad Thai is 665 grams per serving, and this contains 1130 calories and 40 grams fat. A high-calorie diet is something you don’t want to do daily lest you end up gaining weight really fast. Also, the 40 grams fat is way high than what you need.

If that’s not enough to sound the alarm for you, here’s a better perspective. A single pad Thai serving has more calories and fats than four burgers. In the same token, pad Thai has more calories, fats, and sodium than four grilled chicken wraps. These are enough reasons why you need to keep away from pad Thai.

Clearly, pad Thai is not a healthy recipe, and even though it is delicious, you shouldn’t eat it often. This is not just for those who are losing weight, but anyone who minds about their health. Yes you may need the calories but what about the fats and sodium, I’m sure you understand the effects!