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Thai Cuisine; from Bangkok to the World

As with many cultures, Thai cuisine, also known as Thai gastronomy is very important and reflects the history of the culture-rich ancient Thailand. But there is one thing unique about Thai gastronomy, it has now gone global, and you will find it the tiny streets of Bangkok and also the luxurious international hotels all over the world.

In fact, Som Tam, a Thai cuisine featured in CNN’s top 50 best foods in the world and in fact was number two. Som Tam is a salad laced with chilies and garlic served with peanuts and string beans.

The History and EvolImage result for Thai Cuisine; from Bangkok to the Worldution of Thai Cuisine

Thais are the direct descendants of Chinese from the present-day Yunnan. In fact, there is a considerable resemblance between Thai cuisine and Chinese cuisine.

There are also some similarities to the rich Indian cuisine. This is mainly in the use of spices popular during the Khmer occupation, even after Buddhism replaced the Hindu religion.

Another thing that has influenced Thai cuisine is the opening of the Asian market as well as Thailand itself to foreign trade. Right now, there are a lot of foreign products introduced to the Thai market. We must not also forget the historical contact with Muslims from Indonesia and Malaysia. All these have influenced the today’s Thai cuisine.

Besides the ingredients, the use of a fork and a spoon as opposed to her neighbors who use chopsticks once again manifests the peculiarity of Thai cuisine. It is funny that Thais use forks and spoons like the West when the Chinese and Japanese are fond of chopsticks.

The unique eating culture also shows that the 21st C Thai cuisine is not 100% unique and borrows from other renowned cuisines. We understand that the use of the fork and spoon is a culture that the Thais assimilated from the French.

Appetite Shake-Up: Time to Change Foods on Slot Machines

There is no denying that one of the things that attract most of us to slot machines is the delicious-looking fruits that appear on their interfaces. They give you a feeling of a tasty experience as you start imagining the good thing you can do with the winnings which – in your head- are already on their way to your account.

Image result for AppetiteFair enough. It helps that even if you don’t win, you still endure a friendly gaming experience. Who wants to stare at a stone-faced dealer when the spinner has just stopped one short of your winning slot? Right, no one.

That said, it would be even better if slots could have different foods for a change. Yes, the fruits are delicious looking, but we have no idea what some of them are. Even those we know have been appearing on the slot machines’ faces for so long that they are no longer so enticing. We really could do with new, more relatable images.

It would be exciting to go to and find sports betting information that includes the different types of fruits available in different casinos. The Thai, for example, are known for their love for the Thai culture. Thai massages are widely acclaimed. A Thai man will probably dine at a Thai restaurant even after living in a foreign country for decades.

Such a person would definitely be more excited to play if he goes to a casino after dinner and finds that the images on the slot machines are of the same foods he was enjoying. Changing foods on the slot faces will have no effect whatsoever on how the machines operate. It creates the same edge for the house but makes players happier even when they are not winning.

Advancement should not only be technological – software and such- but also aesthetic.

Why does Thai cuisine prefer fork and spoon?

One of the astonishing Thai cuisine cultures is the use of forks and spoons instead of chopsticks. This is contrary to what you’d expect considering the Chinese had invented chopsticks long time ago they spread really fast to Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other South East Asian countries.

Image result for Thai recipeHowever, for the Thais, they have remained adamant about using chopsticks and instead use a fork and a spoon. But that doesn’t end there; there is a classical way of using the fork and spoon. The fork is for pushing food to the spoon, that’s it. Unlike the West, no knives are allowed near the table as they are considered weapons. But a sensible explanation is that knives are not necessary since Thai recipe foods are often cut into little pieces.

In the past, Thais used to eat with their bare hands. This was until a meeting between the French and the king of Thailand by then, King Rama IV. Folklore has it that the king liked the use of a fork and spoon and adopted it. This is quite creepy considering the Thais had already rejected the use of chopsticks missionaries had brought to Thailand a while ago.

However, the truth is that Thailand had strongly repelled colonization and didn’t want to do anything with the foreign culture. In fact, it has never been colonized by a European power. But in the long run, they had to open to the world, and as one way of showing their commitment to interacting with the rest of the world, the king adopted the eating culture of a fork and spoon. That’s how Thais ended up using forks and spoons as opposed to chopsticks. But it is also rumored that he disliked the idea of a knife around the table for obvious reasons!

But still, chopsticks have a place in Thai restaurants that serve noodles. However, you will be considered Farang (foreigner) if you are seen using chopsticks.

The Rich Thai Cuisine Spices and Herbs

Thai cuisine borrows a lot from the Thai Traditional Medicine. The recipes have special spices and herbs that don’t only add flavor and great taste to food, they are also beneficial to our health. Here are 3 of the best Thai spices and herbs

Image result for Galangal1. Galangal

Galangal remains one of the most popular spices used in Thai cuisine. It is a type of rhizome that looks ginger and has a strong aroma. You will distinguish it from ginger from its hardness and also, it is not as yellow as ginger. It is well known for treating stomach conditions like diarrhea and bloating. It is also used as relieve flatulence and even as an antimicrobial agent.

2. Thai sweet basil

The basil plant has slightly hairy and pale green leaves which can be eaten raw or used as a flavoring. This herb is quite spicy and could be the main secret that makes Thai cuisine stand out. It has traces of anise and licorice which have medicinal properties. It is a great antibacterial agent and helps in relieving constipation, indigestion as well as cold symptoms. It is also among the best foods for cleaning blood arteries and contributes to excellent bone health.

3. Turmeric

It’s quite hard to find any Thai recipe without turmeric. It gives food such a unique color and flavor. With turmeric, it’s not only its rhizome that is cooked but its flowers and leaves as well. The leaves are mostly used in Thai fish recipes while the flowers can be eaten raw or added to a curry soup. Turmeric relieves conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. It is also a perfect cure for liver diseases and jaundice.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, 3 Thai spices and herbs that don’t only make great tasting Thai recipes, they are also of medicinal value. That said, it is worth trying Thai restaurants once in a while to get these health benefits.

Installing Slot Machines in Canadian Bars

What are the dos and don’ts of installing slot machines in Canadian bars? This information might be of interest to you if you have a bar in Canada or you regularly visit licensed premises in the country for entertainment purposes.

Bars can only install slot machines in Canada if they have a gaming license to do so; otherwiImage result for Installing Slot Machines in Canadian Barsse, they will be acting on the wrong side of the law which could have severe repercussions. A premise does have to pay for a gaming license of course, so that is the reason that not everybody has one. However, there are benefits to installing slot machines in bars, which is why more people are choosing to do it.

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3 Bizarre Thai Cuisines you Don’t Want to Try

Image result for Bizarre Thai Cuisines you Don’t Want to TryYou will agree with me that Thai cuisine is one of the most popular and vast cuisines. Its influence is attributed to the diversity of the cultures that have settled in Thailand or made contact with the country.

Thai cuisine is both a spicy and sometimes not so spicy cuisine. But spices are something we are all used to but not some bizarre foods, you might find in a Thai restaurant. If you are the type that likes to taste everything, we dare you to try these three bizarre Thai cuisines.

Boiled egg fetus

Yes, the Thai will cook the egg and the fetus and eat it wholly including the head and all parts of the fetus.

If you are faint-hearted, beware of this – you might spoil your anticipated Thai dinner after spotting a Thai swallowing Khai Khao.


For many of us, frogs remain very disgusting animals that you wouldn’t think of touching, leave alone eating. But what if I told you they are a favorite in Thai cuisine?

Frogs are a sumptuous meal, and though I haven’t tried it, I don’t think it’s in any of my near plans to taste frog meat. But frog meat is not very new as the French also have a history of eating frogs.


Even though they are not the same that you find in the sewage, still the idea of eating a rat is bizarre. But well, the Local Thai hunt for these small rodents and roast them.

However, grilled rats remain a reserve for the rural Thais who grow rice. For this one, I would try and taste the meat, but for frogs, it remains a no.

Final words

Indeed, Thai cuisine has some bizarre recipes. I don’t know if I would let frog meat go down my throat, but you never know where this life takes you. Those were our three bizarre Thai cuisine recipes!

Why Casinos Near Thai Restaurants are the Attractive Forbidden Fruit

Whenever ‘gambling’and ‘Thailand’ are mentioned in the same sentence, people with even a basic understanding of the South East Asia nation are bound to make an interested look. This is because of the legal restrictions that prohibit the ownership of private casinos in Thailand.

Many people mistake this government prohibition for Thai pImage result for Why Casinos Near Thai Restaurants are the Attractive Forbidden Fruiteople’s dislike for gambling. They think that any Thai you meet on the street will cringe at the mention of anything to do with gambling. nothing could be further from the truth.

For starters, gambling is not outright illegal in Thailand. There is the leeway to bet on horse competitions, and also a national lottery that is controlled by the government. Online gaming is allowed, so you might find thousands of people with, say the Spin Palace App in Thailand. Moreover, not every Thai was born in Thailand. Some have grown up in America and love a good game of roulette just like the next man.

This misplaced belief makes many people think that building casinos near Thai restaurants is as pointless as gifting a monk with a bottle of rum. That is not entirely true.

In fact, a casino in such a location could end up attracting more players and raking in more profits than another one is the areas thought to be more lucrative.

The Thai people in America have pretty much adopted the country’s culture and it’s ways. Many of them are wealthy businessmen who have made a fortune and are now able to live in luxury. After dining at the Thai restaurants, a casino close by will be high on the list of things they would love to engage in. These people spend without fear and are likely to go for some of the riskiest bets.

Visiting Tais will also be curious to sample the American culture and will not shy away from a casino nearby.

Losing Weight? Don’t Eat These 3 Thai Foods

Thai cuisine is known for its weight loss properties, but not all recipes are good for weight loss. Some foods served in Thai restaurants have ingredients that could derail your weight loss efforts. If you are trying out Thai cuisine, here are three Thai foods you should not be eating too often if you are losing weight.

1. Pad Thai and pla muok tad

The average Phad Thai or pla muok tad served in contains 800 – 900 calories per serving which is a very high-calorie intake in one meal. I don’t need to reiterate how carbs are denting your weight loss efforts. But at least the tofu or vegetable option has lower calories, but still, this is not something you want to eat every day.

2. Spring rolls

Summer rolls are not so popular with Thai cuisine lovers. But if you are losing weight, this is something you should be ordering instead of spring rolls. For starters, summer rolls are just the same as spring rolls with noodles and vegetables in the rice paper. The only difference is the fact that spring rolls are fried whereas summer rolls are steamed. The advantage of summer rolls is that you still get to enjoy the flavor minus the fats!

Image result for Brown sugar3. Brown sugar

There has been one misconception when it comes to the brown sugar synonymous with Thai cuisine. Thai sugar has no health or weight loss benefits compared to white sugar. In fact, it contains 95% sucrose and 5% molasses so treat the sugar you find in Thai restaurants with the same caution as white sugar.

Wrap Up

These are the three foods to avoid in a Thai restaurant if you are watching your weight. Fortunately, there is a dozen of choices that will help you lose weight. And always remember to drink lots of water!

Will Thai Cuisine Help Me Lose Weight?

There’s nothing as hard as trying to shed the extra weight. Fortunately, dietary options have been known to help in weight loss. Thai cuisine is among the most popular weight loss options available. But is Thai weight loss diet effective or you are wasting your money and time on Thai restaurant dinners?

Yes, Thai weight loss diet is effective

Well, here’s the thing; Thai diet is a much better way to lose weight compared to the ineffective weight loss supplements that in facImage result for Will Thai Cuisine Help Me Lose Weightt have side-effects whether mild or severe. But is Thai weight loss diet effective? This has been a very controversial issue, and today, we want to set the record straight. It is true that Thai cuisine is an effective remedy for those seeking to shed some extra weight. But then, there’s more to it than just popping in a Thai restaurant and ordering Pad Thai because it is cheap. There are some excellent Thai weight loss diets while some Thai foods are just as bad as fries and burgers.

Watch what you eat

Something you need to understand here is that there is no magic in the Thai diet, you need to watch what you are eating. Make sure to eat all the Thai foods that have weight loss properties. Some of the best Thai weight loss recipes include som tum Thai, tum mamuang, and salads in general along with a little portion of the rice or noodles. Avoid foods like fried meat, pad Thai, regular curries and coconut rice.

Go the extra mile

Here’s the elephant in the room; Thai weight loss diet is not like weight loss pills, so you need to go the extra mile. While observing a strict Thai weight loss diet, make sure your lifestyle is geared towards weight loss. Exercise regularly, and consistently and in no time, you will see the results.

Two Unique Thai Table Manners Practices You Shouldn’t Forget

Image result for Two Unique Thai Table Manners Practices You Shouldn't ForgetYou will agree with me that table manners go beyond talking when chewing your food. There are a set of peculiar table manners that you need to adhere to strictly. Surprisingly, table manner rules apply differently depending on the cuisine.

Today, we want to look at Thai cuisine table manners you need to observe when in a Thai setting.

Respect the old and acknowledge the rice farmer

In Thai culture, there are two influential groups of people that are acknowledged before any meal; the old Thais and the Thai rice farmer.

When in a Thai setting, don’t dare touch the food until the oldest, or rather the wealthiest person says ‘Kin Khao’ which loosely translates to ‘eat rice.’ Remember, rice is the staple food in Thailand so many are times this rule must be observed.

Second, a meal always starts with a spoonful of plain rice to acknowledge the farmer who cultivates the rice.

Thais use spoon and fork

The other important thing you should know about Thai cuisine is that the fork and spoon are the favorite eating tools. By default, you’d expect to eat your Thai cuisine with chopsticks like their Chinese and Japanese neighbors.

But the most important thing is how to use the fork and spoon which by default are positioned on the left of the plate. The fork is used to push food on the spoon – that’s how Thais do it!

Wrapping Up

These two are the essential Thai table manners that many visitors often ignore and that dramatically exposes them as ‘’Farang,’’ which means ‘’stranger’’ in Thai. If you want to pop in a Thai restaurant and have a quick, cheap meal without raising any eyebrows, follow these two important table manners. Above all, don’t forget that fresh water or lager often accompany Thai

3 Health Benefits of Thai Cuisine

Image result for 3 Health Benefits of Thai CuisineTrying different cuisines is not only adventurous. Certain types, such as Thai cuisine, may have significant health benefits as well.

Today, we explore three essential reasons why you should be popping into a Thai restaurant near you to explore this excellent cuisine.

Thai cuisine is always balanced

The main courses offer a rich source of carbs for our daily energy use. There is also protein in the beans, peas, and meaty options served. Lastly, the vegetables and salads complete the equation of a balanced diet by providing the necessary vitamins. Thai cuisine adheres to all the principles of a balanced diet as opposed to the junk that can be find in fast foods. Thai restaurants are keen on a balanced diet. In fact, there’s a Thai outlet that closed down rather than diluting the menu with popular Western junk.

It explores medicinal herbs and spices

As you may be aware, Thais are known for their exploits in medicine courtesy of Traditional Thai Medicine, also known as TTM. Besides the rare fruits and vegetables, you will find a mixture of traditional herbs and spices with medicinal value in the cuisine. For example, galangal and t`urmeric, popular in Thai cuisine will help in digestion and also keep at bay bacterial infections, arthritis, among many other disorders.

Uses natural additives only

Thai cuisine has an alternative to the processed salts and sugars. Instead of the refined sugar, Thai cuisine uses natural palm sugar which has a lower Glycemic index. This is the same case for salt as Thais prefer fish sauce that just serves the same purpose as table salt. More importantly, fish sauce is a source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.


Thai cuisine is not only delicious, it’s also pointed towards healthy living by using an all-natural recipe. So, while regular fast foods expose us to lifestyle disorders, you can always trust a Thai restaurant if you want a healthy and balanced diet.

Four Things You Won’t Get in Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine shares quite a lot with other food cImage result for Four Things You Won't Get in Thai Cuisineultures. Most of the ingredients are just the same. But there are several unique aspects of Thai food that you should be aware of.

1. There is no definite mealtime

Thai people don’t have a regular schedule for meals. To them, breakfast, lunch, and dinner don’t exist. They will pop in street food outlets anytime to eat and surprisingly, food is ever ready. This eating habit is made possible by the fact that you cannot walk for more than 100m without coming across a food outlet.

2. No Dairy

They also completely don’t consume dairy products. Instead, they are heavy consumers of coconut milk which is healthier. Almost all Thai cuisine is coconut milk based starting from desserts to main meals. Coconut milk is refreshing and has healthy fat that prevents constipation and improves your gut health. Thais lead a healthier life for choosing coconut milk over cow milk.

3. No baked foods

One of the unique aspects of Thai cuisine is that there are no traditional baking recipes. The oven is a rarity in Thailand save for the few bakeries to serve tourists who are not putting up with Thai dishes. But in a real Thai menu, baked foods are not included.

4. Chopsticks

Contrary to what most people expect, Thai cuisine uses the fork and spoon and not chopsticks. In fact, you won’t find chopsticks in Thai food courts. There is a long history of Thai’s adoption of fork and spoon and not chopsticks like her neighbor cuisines.


Thai cuisine is quite similar to other favorite cuisines, but there are some unique things about it. So, when planning to visit a Thai restaurant or even Thailand itself, forget about these four things, or you quickly get noticed as a Farang, (stranger).