Toronto Nightclubs

There is always a good thing happening in Toronto. Its rich nightlife is a popular attraction. This Canadian city with close to 30,000 has always witnessed people thronging different clubs every Saturday night. This does not mean that you need to limit your inner party-animal to weekends only– most bars and restaurants have everything to get to you to a party mood during any weeknight. Here is a sneak peek into some popular hot spots in Toronto.

Image result for Early MercyEarly Mercy

Early Mercy is certainly the place for young professionals. What makes this nightclub appealing to many is the fact that it manages to combine a classy and laid-back design perfectly well. The club is known for its timeless cocktails and the variety of foods offered via the “Food Dudes.”


Cube clearly sets itself above more than most nightclubs in the city thanks to its rare-to-find dimension of entertainment and style. Featuring a retro design, private booths, lounges, and spacious dance floors, this nightclub offers infinite ways to experience its untamed nightlife.


At the shores of lank Ontario lies Rebel. To many, Rebel is considered to be the new kid on the block. As expected, it brands itself as a future leader in the future of Toronto’s nightlife. This club boasts an incredible 45,000-square feet land, housing a lounge and dance-floor with an expansive stage. Its interactive nature, LED videos, and music performances are vital reasons this nightclub is known for its immersive partying experience.


This nightclub is located off the beaten paths on the Exhibition Place Grounds. Its stand-out feature is the series of interconnected patios that offer an unmatched outdoor partying experience. The club’s simple design can be highly deceptive during the day, making it a perfect place to get into a party mood.

Take this to the bank- any party animal cannot resist the attraction of getting into one of these nightclubs.