Four Things You Won’t Get in Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine shares quite a lot with other food cImage result for Four Things You Won't Get in Thai Cuisineultures. Most of the ingredients are just the same. But there are several unique aspects of Thai food that you should be aware of.

1. There is no definite mealtime

Thai people don’t have a regular schedule for meals. To them, breakfast, lunch, and dinner don’t exist. They will pop in street food outlets anytime to eat and surprisingly, food is ever ready. This eating habit is made possible by the fact that you cannot walk for more than 100m without coming across a food outlet.

2. No Dairy

They also completely don’t consume dairy products. Instead, they are heavy consumers of coconut milk which is healthier. Almost all Thai cuisine is coconut milk based starting from desserts to main meals. Coconut milk is refreshing and has healthy fat that prevents constipation and improves your gut health. Thais lead a healthier life for choosing coconut milk over cow milk.

3. No baked foods

One of the unique aspects of Thai cuisine is that there are no traditional baking recipes. The oven is a rarity in Thailand save for the few bakeries to serve tourists who are not putting up with Thai dishes. But in a real Thai menu, baked foods are not included.

4. Chopsticks

Contrary to what most people expect, Thai cuisine uses the fork and spoon and not chopsticks. In fact, you won’t find chopsticks in Thai food courts. There is a long history of Thai’s adoption of fork and spoon and not chopsticks like her neighbor cuisines.


Thai cuisine is quite similar to other favorite cuisines, but there are some unique things about it. So, when planning to visit a Thai restaurant or even Thailand itself, forget about these four things, or you quickly get noticed as a Farang, (stranger).