Losing Weight? Don’t Eat These 3 Thai Foods

Thai cuisine is known for its weight loss properties, but not all recipes are good for weight loss. Some foods served in Thai restaurants have ingredients that could derail your weight loss efforts. If you are trying out Thai cuisine, here are three Thai foods you should not be eating too often if you are losing weight.

1. Pad Thai and pla muok tad

The average Phad Thai or pla muok tad served in contains 800 – 900 calories per serving which is a very high-calorie intake in one meal. I don’t need to reiterate how carbs are denting your weight loss efforts. But at least the tofu or vegetable option has lower calories, but still, this is not something you want to eat every day.

2. Spring rolls

Summer rolls are not so popular with Thai cuisine lovers. But if you are losing weight, this is something you should be ordering instead of spring rolls. For starters, summer rolls are just the same as spring rolls with noodles and vegetables in the rice paper. The only difference is the fact that spring rolls are fried whereas summer rolls are steamed. The advantage of summer rolls is that you still get to enjoy the flavor minus the fats!

Image result for Brown sugar3. Brown sugar

There has been one misconception when it comes to the brown sugar synonymous with Thai cuisine. Thai sugar has no health or weight loss benefits compared to white sugar. In fact, it contains 95% sucrose and 5% molasses so treat the sugar you find in Thai restaurants with the same caution as white sugar.

Wrap Up

These are the three foods to avoid in a Thai restaurant if you are watching your weight. Fortunately, there is a dozen of choices that will help you lose weight. And always remember to drink lots of water!