Thai food restaurants in Canada

It can be difficult finding a restaurant that caters exactly to your taste and there are obviously some establishments out there that are nicer than others. The following Thai restaurants are highly rated in Canada and worth a visit so that you can experience them for yourself.

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen, Toronto

Many people believe that this place does the best Thai food in the whole of Canada and it’s definitely up there with the best in Toronto. The food here is amazing and presented so beautifully. The green curry, for example, comes served in a coconut. In addition to the meals, the service at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen is amazing but you will need to book to get a table because it gets quite busy.

Image result for Salad King Restaurant, TorontoSalad King Restaurant, Toronto

This healthy Thai restaurant has a wide of different options, which is ideal for vegetarians and those with certain intolerances. The cafeteria-style setting is simple but don’t take this for granted, the meals are absolutely superb and very reasonably priced too. Give this place a try and you could find some new and interesting dishes that you fall in love with.

Thai Basil, Richmond Hill

This restaurant offers authentic Thai dishes that will leave your mouth watering. Thai Basil has a great reputation among locals and tourists alike. There is a lovely atmosphere inside the restaurant but you also have the chance to order take-out from the menu if you prefer.

D&D Thai Fusion, Richmond Hill

This is a highly rated Thai restaurant and while not exactly fine dining, the meals are tasty with fresh ingredients so what more could you want? The food is presented well with generous sized portions. The food comes out quickly here so it’s a great option if you are in a rush and fancy some tasty Thai cuisine.