Why Casinos Near Thai Restaurants are the Attractive Forbidden Fruit

Whenever ‘gambling’and ‘Thailand’ are mentioned in the same sentence, people with even a basic understanding of the South East Asia nation are bound to make an interested look. This is because of the legal restrictions that prohibit the ownership of private casinos in Thailand.

Many people mistake this government prohibition for Thai pImage result for Why Casinos Near Thai Restaurants are the Attractive Forbidden Fruiteople’s dislike for gambling. They think that any Thai you meet on the street will cringe at the mention of anything to do with gambling. nothing could be further from the truth.

For starters, gambling is not outright illegal in Thailand. There is the leeway to bet on horse competitions, and also a national lottery that is controlled by the government. Online gaming is allowed, so you might find thousands of people with, say the Spin Palace App in Thailand. Moreover, not every Thai was born in Thailand. Some have grown up in America and love a good game of roulette just like the next man.

This misplaced belief makes many people think that building casinos near Thai restaurants is as pointless as gifting a monk with a bottle of rum. That is not entirely true.

In fact, a casino in such a location could end up attracting more players and raking in more profits than another one is the areas thought to be more lucrative.

The Thai people in America have pretty much adopted the country’s culture and it’s ways. Many of them are wealthy businessmen who have made a fortune and are now able to live in luxury. After dining at the Thai restaurants, a casino close by will be high on the list of things they would love to engage in. These people spend without fear and are likely to go for some of the riskiest bets.

Visiting Tais will also be curious to sample the American culture and will not shy away from a casino nearby.